MESSAGE to large corporations, small businesses and the advertising agencies they employ:


You have no idea how many people are fed up with your campaign to denigrate, insult and ridicule white men in TV commercials. Approximately 9,000 people have visited this blog after Googling...dumb white guy TV Ads, stupid white man TV commercials, etc. You will be facing a growing backlash unless you stop this illegal, vicious attack on white men immediately! You are liable for damages in the court of public opinion, as well as a court of law.

MESSAGE to everyone who visits this blog:

Get on the “politically incorrect” bandwagon to restore positive, white male role models to all of America’s children. When you see a “Stupid White Man” TV commercial, get online and contact the offending company’s corporate office. If enough people demand change, change will happen. No one really benefits when racism and sexism are allowed to flourish unchallenged.

Charter Communications and Verizon have both listened to our complaints and reversed course! Now they are making creative, inspiring, up-lifting commercials that do not insult any group of people. One by one, these corporations will get your messages...


A special thanks to all the visitors to this blog who have contacted these companies!

American Patriot
Jan 10, 2013

Hollywood’s attack on men: Will the industry change its gender stereotyping following UN summit?

And the burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire

By American Patriot---December 11, 2012

President Obama's 2012 re-election is the final nail in the coffin of America, as we know it. The "fundamental change" he promised is now underway. He will continue to by-pass Congress and force his will on the American people by abusing his executive power. We can thank our “Progressive” school system for brainwashing American students that White America is bad. We can also thank the companies who make the “Stupid White Man TV Commercials.”

For 30 years now, Progressive agenda-driven teachers have brainwashed American students that white men are bad and responsible for all the problems in the world. Stupid White Man TV Commercials confirm that message in the home.

At the same time, liberal college professors have brainwashed American students and convinced them to turn away from Capitalism and embrace Socialism. Unfortunately, these young Americans (useful idiots) will now suffer the consequences of their brainwashing by Progressive/Socialist teachers and professors.

Excerpt from Rudyard Kipling's “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”:

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the Fire;

Kipling wrote this pro-Capitalist/anti-Socialist poem in 1919, using quotes from the Bible. To read the entire poem with an excellent interpretation and analysis, visit this pro-Capitalist blog:

The Overton Window

Glenn Beck reintroduced Kipling’s poem in The Overton Window, a political thriller written in 2010 to warn us about the impending financial collapse of America as a world power. Progressives/Socialists have used the concepts of the Overton Window political theory to install the framework to move from Capitalism to Socialism using “creeping normalcy”.

Creeping normalcy

“Creeping normalcy refers to the way a major change can be accepted as the normal situation if it happens slowly, in unnoticed increments, when it would be regarded as objectionable if it took place in a single step or short period.”

Stupid White Man TV commercials are another example of “creeping normalcy.” This media campaign to destroy white men began 20 years ago…slowly…with subliminal messaging. Now it is so blatant and offensive, everyone one is complaining.

Reversing Creeping Normalcy

We demand an end to this illegal media campaign to destroy the image and reputation of white men and their families. We demand an end to TV commercials that portray white men as idiots, imbeciles and morons! As consumers, we will no longer tolerate these offensive and disgusting commercials.

The New World Order

What is the purpose of the campaign to destroy white men? The New World Order driven by anti-American forces demands that white men go to the back of the bus.

However, destroying the image of white fathers is not going to solve the problem of "absent" fathers in the black community. Solving that problem will require more than false positive images of black men juxtaposed against false negative images of white men.

Brainwashing works on children and weak-minded adults

One factor in Obama’s re-election is 20 years of “Stupid White Man TV Commercials.” The idea that black men are cool and white men are stupid permeates every aspect of American culture. In every sitcom on air the white man is weak and stupid, while the women and minorities are strong and smart. The entertainment industry sponsored by race-baiting corporations and their “Stupid White Man” TV ads are creating a rotten stench on American TV airwaves.

The dog returns to his vomit

It’s the “dog returning to his vomit.” We plan to eradicate this stench by forcing corporations to stop illegally stereotyping white men…or any other race, gender or group of people in their ridiculous commercials. If public pressure does not work, the legal system will.

Washed young brains produce Obama-maniacs and Hillary-hopefuls for president in 2008

By American Patriot--- November, 2008

Brainwashing children is easy!

After years of viewing “Stupid White Man” TV commercials, young American students and voters are now sufficiently brainwashed into believing that a black man and or white woman are the best Democratic Party candidates for president of the United States.

This carefully planned strategic attack on the “White Man” started in the media about 15 years ago. Progressives, Socialists and politically correct zealots in every aspect of American culture demanded punishment for alleged past sins against women and minorities. One way to punish white men is to portray them as stupid, contemptuous morons in American TV commercials.

There are two definitions of brainwashing and both apply to the current media campaign against white men.

1) A forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas
2) Persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

What is the real purpose of bashing white men?

Sacrificing white men to satisfy the far left wing’s ravenous appetite for “Stupid White Man” blood is very trendy! Some of the worst offenders in this symbolic “lynching” are FedEx, Staples, Sprint, Verizon, Embassy Suites, Dell, Charter, Tilex, and Pella Windows. Turn on the TV any time of the day or night and a white man is being attacked, insulted, ridiculed and made the “butt of the joke” by a white woman, black man, black woman...or his own children. When children see these despicable TV commercials, they identify their own dad with these "fabricated" morons. This evil bandwagon is full of bigots and has many symbolic ropes! But relentlessly denigrating white men does not sell a product or service, so why do it? This illegal stereotyping of white men is part of the larger agenda being pushed by ethnocentric groups such as the ACLU, NAACP, CBC, LARAZA, LULAC and MeCHA and other liberal groups. This is the "New World Order."

Update: Brainwashed students and young people voted for Obama in 2008...Why?

Children and young people are quite impressionable and easily influenced by what they see on TV. In the past decade, their young brains have seen thousands of images of “stupid white men” inflicting their stupidity on women and minorities. Children are force-fed the biased, anti-white man agenda under the banner of "cultural diversity" starting in kindergarten. Radical, liberal, anti-American college professors complete the indoctrination. Now the brainwashed students have helped to elect a Socialist/Marxist as president of the United States.

Corporate America (who has no allegiance to America) and the American taxpayer funded ethnocentric groups who hate white men have achieved their goals.

Brainwashing works!

Who benefits when the “White Man” is destroyed?

Minorities seem to benefit, but white men, white women, and white children do not! The symbolically “lynched” white man on TV represents the father, son, brother or friend. He represents the man that the daughter, granddaughter and niece are holding as a male role model and the son, grandson and nephew want to emulate. Unfortunately, the only white male role models in TV commercials are complete imbeciles!

Denigrating white men on TV is the sport of the far-left liberal media and “blame America first” crowd who want to see the total destruction of America as we know it. The damage done to a whole generation of white children who have digested this garbage is irreversible. However, it is not too late to save the next generation.

Be a "hero" to your family and friends!

Get on the “politically incorrect” bandwagon to restore positive white male role models to all of America’s children. When you see a “Stupid White Man” TV commercial, get online and contact the offending company’s corporate office. If enough people demand change, change will happen. No one really benefits when racism and sexism are allowed to flourish unchallenged.

Boycott these vile corporations who denegrate white men!


Update: Due to public pressure, Verizon has stopped its attack on white men for now. Let's hope they do not "return to their vomit."

FedEx Alert! New despicable commercial came on air tonight. Bitchy wife rips pathetic husband for stealing their daughter's pink school supplies for his work. He also steals the toilet paper from her bathroom because he is too stupid to use FedEx like his bitch wife, who is holding a FedEx box under her arm.

Email FedEx Customer Service
Please everyone...bombard them with emails and jam their phone lines!

Customer Service: 800-463-3339
Say customer feedback, then ask to make a complaint.

Post your thoughts on FedEx Facebook page:

Contact Verizon

Karen Microdot
Analyst-South Area Executive Relations
Verizon Wireless
(0) 770-521-5640
(F) 678-339-8649


Verizon gets the message!

Congratulations to Verizon for changing course in their ad campaign to insult, ridicule and denigrate "white men."

Karen Milbrodt is the Verizon contact person who is probably responsible for bringing this issue to the attention of the executives at Verizon. Thank you Ms. Milbrodt!

The advertising agency, McGarryBowen produced the "Easy choice" ad below with clear instructions from Verizon to "cease and desist" the attack on white men.

Every one is a winner in this TV ad. Not only is the white man not an idiot, moron, or complete imbecile...he is the spokesperson for Verizon!

This new trend started two weeks after I contacted Karen Milbrodt by phone and email and then posted her contact information on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog and took the time to contact Verizon and complain about the illegal stereotyping of white men!
Verizon has "seen the light" and now joins Charter in the new trend to produce creative, inspiring and up-lifting TV Ads that do not insult, denigrate or ridicule any group of people!

American Patriot
December 11, 2012

"Easy choice"

Verizon--stupid white men saved by the black guy!

Verizon--white woman confronts the office moron about sub-leasing their office space!

Verizon--black woman ridicules "Princess" dad.

Verizon--pathetic dad grovels at his family's feet.

Verizon--white children chastise and insult their stupid parents!

Why does Verizon think white men are stupid?

Verizon--even teenage white boys are not off limits!

Collection of white men as idiots, morons and imbeciles!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good News: Charter Stops Bashing White Men!

Congratulations to Charter Communications for stopping the "white man bashing" in their TV commercials.

They were one of the worst offenders, but now they are producing the most creative, uplifting and inspiring commercials on the air!  Repeated emails to Charter corporate headquarters discussing a possible class action suit for illegal stereotyping of white men seems to have played a role in this total reversal of their advertising policy!

Hopefully the other corporations will follow their lead and stop this outrageous attack on white men!


hosmersvt said...

The person that wrote this article, hit the nail on the head. What a shame it is, that the company's guilty of these commercials has destroyed this once great country. I say that all WORKING, TAX PAYING WHITE MEN SHOULD DO LIKE THE BLACKS ARE THE BEST AT DOING, start sticking together and boycott any business that has played a part in this concept of moral turpitude! Lets just hope and pray you are right about its not to late for the next generation.

American Patriot said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

White men must stand up and boycott these vile companies who promote this garbage. This is the most blatant, negative stereotyping and it must STOP!

Please...educate your friends and family and fight against this anti-white man racism.

Kind regards,
American Patriot

I am a white woman who has had enough of this BS.

Dale Leisenring said...

I'm sick of hearing that racial epithet! said by anyone of any race call a white guy a "cracker"!! This is the "N word" for a white guy and is an extremel racist term!! When used this point should be made loud and proud (assuming a somewhat safe physical environment).

Anonymous said...

You already know who controls most of American media, movies, programming, and network reporting. It is the Jewish man. I do not know about the rest of the planet. I do not like television which has always made the middle class blue collar worker out to be a dumb "Fred Flintstone". This is not a slam against the Jew or any other race or cultural group. Can you imagine though if Fred Flintsone would have have been a Jewish banker or a Broadway playwrite? They never make fun of themselves because they believe they are made in the image of God. But they can trash and pillage the Gentile. We still have freedom of speech Dale, so just think about it for awhile and don't attack us.

Eyes wide open said...

I am writing all companies about this. I have not or any man in my family purchased anything with Joe Boxer on it since the Christmas commercial years back. The black guy dancing in his underwear with blond white women all over him, his gay Santa hat on. No man in my family buys it.All of our wives know no Joe Boxer Junk! HIT THEM IN THERE WALLETS! They'll stop it. Let them know why we're not buying it!Whit man stand proud. Don't give it all away easy. Remember your women are always the spoils of a war lost since the beginning of mankind.

Eyes Wide Open.

Anonymous said...

I think white men should not buy products from companies who insult white families and denigrate white men and fathers. I also think white men should ostracized white women who also denigrate white families.

Rachel A Reed said...

I love your blog! I have a blog about this as well (great minds think alike, right!) I like the call to action that you give.....the more people support these major corporations, the more money they can invest in creating MORE stupid man commercials. On the topic of race, have you seen the latest one from Esurance? Unreal..."LOLZ" Really? Anyway-keep fighting the good fight!

Soul Fly said...

They do it because psychologically when the rich white man feels scared or put down in these commercials they go out immediately and buy that product to make them feel good again.Sneaky advertising with subliminal messages.I'm glad to see I'm not the only one catching on to this bullcrap.And I really love the ones where they have the children telling the white or black parents how to do things,omg!?!?But there are still a majority of white Americans that are dumb debt slaves and consumer whores who buy into this crap.WAKE UP!!!

Laura Chiarotti said...

I just wrote to hershey's corporate. This liberal agenda has got to stop."Your company needs to change your commercial advertisers. I just saw an advertisement of a caucasian woman sucking her fingers seductivley in order to court a man, who appeared to be colored, a party, possibly to engage him in sex. I understand that this goes on in the real world, but it is not your job to take on a liberal media agenda and try to "change the world" and annoy your costumers and let the commercial's director get out his need for liberal politics. It is your job to sell chocolate and other chocolate products. That is how we know you. My family, neighbors, and friends are outraged with these commercial politics, especially yours and will be boycotting your products immediately. "

Anonymous said...

I do not purchase any product that promotes black male/ white female relationships, unrealistic overrepresentation of blacks in a predominant white country or stupid white man commercials

Anonymous said...

Here here

Anonymous said...

This is great! I'm not the only white guy that feels this way. I'm tired of the liberal media in this country trying to compensate for others low self esteem. They tear us down so they can sell their product to these morons. The facts speak for them selves. I work in a field that is dominated by white middle class men. You know why? Cause they tried hiring women and blacks and they just weren't smart enough! It's sad that because my job requires a considerable knowledge of math there are very few minorities that can perform theses task! Not my fault!! Stay in school and stop taking courses like liberal arts and learn something for a change. Stop trying to portray white guys as the morons. You don't build self esteem by tearing other down! You build self esteem by working to build yourself up! And as far as these products that help them promote this false premises.WHITE MEN UNITE AND STOP PURCHSING THESE PRODUCT...........I HAVE!!

Anonymous said...

Hanes is a HUGE offender of this. The latest being the Hanes X-TEMP Commercial - Golf Test. (

It shows the typical stupid white guy trying to play gold with Michael Jordan.

Sherrod Brown said...

this is only HALF true. I googled "anti black male commercials at&t" because I am sick and tired of the anti male commercials, but I wanted to find the ones that show blacks, for ALL of them depict black males as idiots, and even their daughters are wise. So your comment of "attacks on whites" is absolutely half true. there is an assault on ALL MALES. this is so the gay man can slip in the place of males in heterosexual families...for NO commercials depicting a gay man is showing him as being an idiot. in fact, BOTH "partners are depicted as well rounded, and modern. So too lesbians. MAKE NO MISTAKE the people behind these campaigns are homosexual types.

Sherrod Brown said...

regarding "liberals" being behind everything that has to do with race or sex? CORPORATE AMERICA ISNT "LIBERALS" they are notoriously republican. the GOP always says how the giant corporations are the job makers, and the corporations are OBVIOUSLY pro gop....until you see them doing something you dont like...then they are "liberal media". Listen, these rich people are interested in neither GOP or DEM..they are instested in screwing over all people and assuring we all are "tv watchers" and not "tv show generators" of life. Regardless of the topic.

BarryNY said...

I don't believe it's the corporations doing this it's the commercial makers and producers that they hire These appear to be saturated with the homosexuals and the people trying to bring down the strong white man so that their agenda can proceed

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one that recognized this behavior. I and my family will bye anything that is produced by Hanes. The Michael Jordon commercials were so condescending to white males.

Scott Reynolds said...

The Michael Jordon commercials from Hanes are the worst. While Michael walks around cool and collected, you have a white guy acting like he has no nuts. Hanes will never see my money again.

Natasha Veruschka said...

Ollo Ollo there. I am , a white, ( very white) female, and I'm proud of what you are doing, I did tell many people many times. that this was happening; Keep it up. Truth is the truth. Cheers all From NV .

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of Publicis. If not maybe you should look into them

Mitch Dutto said...

I have never been as disgusted as when I watched the Nationwide Insurance commercials. And just take a look at all the home security commercials. There will never be racial equality as long as the media can make big money from racicism. And as long as our children are being taught the distorted facts about the history of race relations. There was more racial harmony 10 years agothan there is today. And it's not blacks doing most of it. It's young, extremely mislead college kids trying to feel like they make some historic human rights difference. Even my black friends make fun of them. And the bitter college professors, and others have all painted a portrait of the evil white man who destroyed the lives of everyone alive today. It's no longer about racial equality. It's aboyt using the word "racicism" to be exonerated from any responsibility. It's about taking away what others work for by forcing middle class youth to either agree, or be exiled into shame by being labeled racicist. There is no such thing as "reverse" racicism. And ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your "all lives matter" was a "you blacks are making it all up" comment. You started off right...the media is creating "racicism" (learn how to spell Racism)...however, you then started going on and on showing how youre a PRODUCT of it. the fact is, this is not "white male bashing"...its ALL males being bashed. the At&t commercials? EVERY ONE of them that have blacks depict the male as an idiot, and there is always a girl that mocks them...this is an anti male media...and pro LGBT world. THAT is the game. bash males, paint traditional marriages as being silly...They even show women as the people selling you cars....the truth is, its a rare thing to EVER see a woman selling you a car. Insurance? same thing...its a RARE thing to see a woman selling you the insurance...its men. But the MEN are painted as out of touch. This is not "white men" attacking. this is MALE attacking. And let me say this...Those "white male attacks?" who are the people making money, employed to create them? WHITE PEOPLE. so youre making the money...YOURE Owning the Companies that have the commercials..YOU own the tv stations running the ads, YOU emply the actors, YOU are the people behind the scenes, AND are the actors in all the videos youre posting..AND the email you listed to complain to? I BET YOU thats a white person as well...getting paid, working..So while youre complaining about images? YOURE STILL THE MAN MAKING ALL THE MONEY, and getting paid, and never hiring others. So youre supremacy is doing JUST FINE, what are you complaining about?!?!!?

Unknown said...

Your an idiot racist colored Negro

inthesurf 07 said...

Your an idiot racist colored Negro

Crockhunter said...

EVERY! COMMERCIAL!. That has a black and white mix of people shows the black person as the smart calm intelligent person and the white person as a fool that the black man is always being treating exactly that way. The new one now is the amount of cmercials showing black men with white women its like it is being pushed on us. Wake up sheeple. This racist crap gos both ways me as a white man I'm disliked by most of the blacks in my country, here is the funny part the main reason the blacks of our country are made to hate me is slavery. You know that thing that no white man or black man alive had a damned thing to do with. Here is the best part. Do you know who the FIRST! slave owner was in America? Do you know what WHO! got slavery legalised in America?. His name was Anthony Johnson and guess what!! HE WAS BLACK!! GO TO GOOGLE TYPE IN FIRST AMERICAN SLAVE OWNER AND READ IT FOR YOURSELF. ONE OTHER THING DID YOU KNOW MORE WHITE MEN DIED IN THE CIVIL WAR THAN THE WORLD WARS AND THE REASON FOR THAT WAR WAS TO FREE THE SLAVES. SO WHO OWES WHO???

Crockhunter said...

EVERY! COMMERCIAL!. That has a black and white mix of people shows the black person as the smart calm intelligent person and the white person as a fool that the black man is always being treating exactly that way. The new one now is the amount of cmercials showing black men with white women its like it is being pushed on us. Wake up sheeple. This racist crap gos both ways me as a white man I'm disliked by most of the blacks in my country, here is the funny part the main reason the blacks of our country are made to hate me is slavery. You know that thing that no white man or black man alive had a damned thing to do with. Here is the best part. Do you know who the FIRST! slave owner was in America? Do you know what WHO! got slavery legalised in America?. His name was Anthony Johnson and guess what!! HE WAS BLACK!! GO TO GOOGLE TYPE IN FIRST AMERICAN SLAVE OWNER AND READ IT FOR YOURSELF. ONE OTHER THING DID YOU KNOW MORE WHITE MEN DIED IN THE CIVIL WAR THAN THE WORLD WARS AND THE REASON FOR THAT WAR WAS TO FREE THE SLAVES. SO WHO OWES WHO???

Crockhunter said...

A little bit of history for everyone. Go on line and type in ( Picture of the first slave owner in America) One other thing the first slave owner was the same man who got it legalised in America. You will be shocked.

Anonymous said...

There is no balance. The commercials that show black people in a good light:hardworking, principled, with strong family values, are good and uplifting. What, however, is the point of placing a white person, usually male, in a position of an idiot beneath the black character in the ad? It is pure racism. Racism moves in both directions. How can our nation achieve true equality if we allow racism to move in either direction? I have written letters to companies that use this type of ad campaign and informed them I would no longer purchase their products. Vote with your wallet. Do not think like a racist.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add COX COMMUNICATIONS to this forum. Every commercial they show, depicts white people as idiots. Whether, it is a white dumb blond female in a haunted house checking for noises while an intellectually superior black female guard her home with a automated security system. This is just one example. If you spend an afternoon in front of the the television on a Saturday afternoon, you will find multitudes. It is ridiculous!

Angry white person said...

First I want to say thank you for your courage to make this blog. I would like to add to more companies that need boycotting: Honda and Hyundai. watch these commercials if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

If you take into account Obama's unconstitutional AFFH ruling, it all starts to make sense. AFFH (Affordably Furthering Fair Housing) is basically Section 8 on steroids. It is a purposeful strategy to relocate assorted Black thugs, gang bangas and hood rats to the burbs. Minorities on Section 8 are being forced to move to the burbs in order to keep their Section 8 vouchers, and municipalities throughout America are being pressured more and more to build low income housing for these miscreants.

Anyone with a modicum of honesty and intelligence must admit that Blacks commit the most crime in America proportional to their population size (and regarding murders, in sheer numbers). I suspect the problem of Black crime is even greater than the stats indicate. Ever-increasing Black-on-White violence is routinely ignored or at the least, minimized by the media.

We all see how every time Blacks move into a halfway decent neighborhood, they invariably turn it into a violent, Third World, gang banga sewer. Even most Blacks realize this, but either try to minimize the problem by stating that it's a tiny percentage of Blacks causing all of the problems, or else blame it all on Whitey. The hundreds of cities and thousands of neighborhoods that have been decimated by Blacks belies this assertion by Blacks and White libtards.

The mafia in control of this country wants to transform America into a dictatorship. If the power elite do this overtly, resistance will form. However, if the elimination of our freedoms is the only solution to widespread anarchy and civil war, most Americans will gladly accept permanent martial law. Thus, the Western global mafia are trying to create civil unrest throughout the West by inundating the West with Muslim extremists, I mean "refugees," and have purposely allowed every inner-city neighborhood in America to descend into chaos and violence.

The increasing portrayal of Blacks on TV as being civilized suburban dwellers (and usually much wiser than the dumb, silly Whites portrayed with them) is a psy-op which is being used by Big Brother to assist in transforming every American neighborhood into Detroit, thereby increasing the need for nationwide martial law - all to "keep us safe."

Whites are being brainwashed by Big Brother into not resisting Obama's Communist AFFH ruling and welcoming with open arms assorted inner-city scum into their nice neighborhoods. Of course, if you state the truth of the situation, you are instantly called a racist or a hater. This Big Brother psy-op further confirms the delusional and/or wishful thinking of liberals that we are all equal, that we are all the same. Hell, siblings from the same parents (unless identical twins) normally have differences in intelligence, behavior, etc. Why then, should it be such a shocker that groups of people who evolved separately in vastly different environments for tens of thousands of years would be different? Sans p.c., differences should be EXPECTED.

In short, we are being brainwashed into believing that allowing ghetto scum into our nice suburbs and small towns with zero resistance is a good thing (and of course, proves that we are not racists and that we are morally superior beings, when in truth, most liberals are self-extinctive, delusionally guilt-ridden lemmings). Nevermind the increasing numbers of Muslim extremists and Latino illegals that libtards embrace.

Again, the goal is absolute order out of chaos. The growing civil unrest and chaos will be made to look random and organic, as opposed to a conspiracy, in order to minimize resistance to the final solution, that being permanent, nationwide martial law.

Anonymous said...

It's not only the commercials that emasculate white males, it's also TV shows. Sitcoms and dramas, the crime shows are worse. I quit watching them. Where the white guy is always the criminal in the end, when we all know cities in the United States who commits the majority of the crimes. Every now and then a Hispanic male will be the bad guy but it's mostly white males never blacks. The blacks are the heroes, the intelligent ones. Ancient Rome and Greece had government, organized armies and running water. They still don't have that in some parts of Africa. Africans never contributed to mankind but watching these TV shows, movies, and commercials you would believe they invented everything. People are brainwashed and need to wake up, quit watching this crap.

Anonymous said...

It's about time! They must pay those guys a hell of a lot of money to act that stupid. That or they have no pride or self esteem to start with.